An Innovative Way to Maintain Your Pool’s Water Quality

Oregon Pure Water offers a revolutionary process combining UV filtration and Reverse Osmosis for swimming pools, resulting in cleaner and softer water while significantly conserving water.
Our Puripool Process also reduces cleaning time, allowing you to cool down and enjoy your pristine pool water sooner.

Water-Efficient Solutions

Oregon Pure Water’s Puripool Process doesn’t require you to drain your pool, reducing water wastage, decreasing downtime, and protecting pool components.
Learn more about the Puripool Process on our Water Purification page.

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Revolutionary Swimming Pool Water Recycling Process

Recycling Pool Water in Grants Pass, Oregon

Oregon Pure Water, LLC, is an innovative pool water recycling company located in Grants Pass, Oregon. We are committed to preserving one of nature’s most precious resource, water, by offering an alternative to the traditional drain and refill for both residential and commercial swimming pools.

The “Puripool™ Process” allows us to provide a solution for lowering Calcium Hardness (CH), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Cyanuric Acid (CYA), phosphates, nitrates, salts, and waterborne diseases from both residential and commercial swimming pools without draining or exposing the interior finish. As pool water evaporates and the hardness minerals increase, your swimming pool becomes more work to maintain and the water becomes less sanitary. The Puripool™ Process is a great alternative to a drain and refill and can be performed all year round!

Reverse Osmosis Mobile Filtration for Swimming Pools

Oregon Pure Water uses an advanced approach to treating swimming pool water in Oregon with Reverse Osmosis. In less than a day for residential customers, our Reverse Osmosis (RO) Mobile Filtration Trailer will come to your swimming pool and lower or remove calcium, TDS, CYA, phosphates, nitrates, and waterborne diseases. We will give you back a clean, healthy pool; all while conserving approximately 75 – 85% of your existing water. Your pool will now have RO quality water in it which will give you and your family the best water quality to swim in!

In Oregon, we deal with moderately hard water and higher levels of stabilizer (CYA) in swimming pools. That is why we encourage recycling your swimming pool water with RO filtration, as we have the ability to give you much better water than tap water and prevent the need for a drain a refill. This process is extremely eco-friendly, will work on chorine and salt pools, and can be performed 365 days a year.

Benefits of The Puripool™ Process:

Oregon Pure Water helps you enjoy your pool better, safer, and faster. The following are some of the major benefits to expect when you choose our innovative process of Reverse Osmosis for swimming pools.

  • Removes Waterborne Diseases like Cryptosporidium
  • Water Conservation
  • Lowers Calcium Hardness
  • Lowers Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Lowers Cyanuric Acid (CYA)
  • Lowers Salts
  • Lowers Phosphates and Nitrates
  • Incredible Water Quality


RO Trailer


“I’ve gotten so used to how long it took to clean my pool I literally couldn’t believe you guys purified my pool water that quickly! Amazing.”

Eva S.

“My wife and kids used to be uncomfortable using our pool because of how hard the water is in our area. You guys just saved our summer.”

Nate E.

“Although I’m all for eco-friendly, efficiency is still one of my watchwords when choosing a business. Oregon Pure Water fulfilled both criteria.”

Paulie G.

“I care deeply about the environment and Oregon Pure Water gave me the perfect way to clean my pool. Thank you!”

Gia P.

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Oregon Pure Water combines efficient pool water purification with an innovative, environmentally friendly process to soften your pool water and remove impurities and chemicals without wasting a drop more than necessary. Learn more about how we can give you superior quality water for your swimming pool!


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