RO Filtration for Residential Swimming Pools

Oregon Pure Water has been successfully doing Reverse Osmosis (RO) for residential swimming pools in Grants Pass, Oregon. With that said we wanted to write a blog post about what RO is and why it is so important for your swimming pool!

  1. RO filtration is not new and is an alternative to draining and refilling a swimming pool. While it is somewhat new to the swimming pool industry, the process of RO has been around for decades.  The most common ones that people are aware of are under-the-sink RO systems but they are extremely inefficient compared to our commercial RO system. The ones that we use are commercial grade and can conserve up to 80-85% of the existing water in the swimming pool.
  2. Reverse Osmosis removes calcium, magnesium, other excess minerals and so much more from swimming pool water. Certain areas of the country struggle with high calcium content, whereas other pools are just overloaded with salt (which causes TDS to rise) or CYA/conditioner.  Some pools are high in phosphates or copper, nitrates, and some pool owners are looking to have all of the above addressed.  Did you know that RO also removes or lowers bacteria, viruses, and other waterborne diseases?
  3. Reverse Osmosis allows you to use your pool during the process. Where a drain and refill may take 2-3 days and put your pool out of commission, an RO treatment can be done while you swim or enjoy your pool.  In addition, the pool’s interior surface (be it plaster, pebble, vinyl, or fiberglass) does not get exposed.  Most of these finishes have been wet their entire life and do not like to be out of the water, especially in high temps.  In the case of plaster, it can (and does!) contract when exposed to the air and expands again once water is reintroduced.  The finish can only take so many expansion and contraction cycles before it tries to delaminate.
  4. The price isn’t nearly as expensive as many people think and in fact, it is extremely competitive with a drain and refills. With the cost of RO versus a drain and a refill, you must also take into consideration downtime, water quality, liner exposure, the potential for the pool floating out of the ground, and more.  Some folks are more do it yourself and will choose to drain their pools, while others appreciate the superior water quality and lack of hassle that RO treatments provide.

We will always advocate a drain and refill of a swimming pool but we know that some people will still opt for this.  We understand this but also wanted to provide some knowledge as to what RO is capable of.  While Reverse Osmosis (The Puripool Process) purification will almost always provide superior water than what can be purchased, it is also hassle-free and risk-free.  So when you consider taking the time and effort, as well as worrying about what can go wrong during a drain and refill, you may want to ask yourself why you really wouldn’t call us today so you can be swim in the best water quality.