Recent data shows that child drownings are on the rise. Whether you’re a private pool owner or a commercial pool owner, you need to make sure your pool is childproof to prevent pool-related injuries and deaths.

That is why in this blog, we share more about pool childproofing tips, the importance of pool maintenance in injury and sickness prevention, and what products you can use to prevent accidents.

Implement Barriers

Whether you have kids or not, it’s recommended that you have a barrier around your pool. You might still have friends bringing kids over or possibly have some trying to sneak in. It’s also required in many jurisdictions.

You have two options: fences and pool covers. Both can be used for extra safety.

Pool Fence

Pool fences should be at least 4 feet high, sturdy, self-closing, self-latching, and have no footholds or handholds which would allow children to climb over. Some don’t like pool fences because they can block the view, but you can use removable fences.

Pool Covers

A good pool cover can support even an adult’s weight. They should be installed as securely as possible when the pool isn’t in use and removed completely when it is. If it’s left there while the pool is being used, it could trap someone underneath it.


Place Alarms

Even with a pool fence and cover, children may still be able to access the pool if they’re worn down or weren’t installed properly. That’s why you need an alarm.

Door Alarm

Attach alarms to any door leading to the pool area. Choose an alarm that has a distinct sound, one that you won’t mistake for a phone call or some other alarm, so you know it’s the pool area that’s been entered.

Pool Alarm

Door alarms may not be the best choice for commercial pool owners. The pool area may be a convenient route for guests to go through, after all. In that case, you can use a pool alarm. These alarms detect water movement and trigger when something or someone enters the pools and causes waves.

Always Have Adult Supervision

There’s nothing better than constant adult supervision at the pool. Whenever the pool is in use, there should always be someone to watch over the children. They shouldn’t be distracted by texting or reading either. In residential pools, these would be the children’s parents. Commercial pool owners should have lifeguards or let you know if none are present so you can secure other forms of supervision.

Regular Pool Repairs and Maintenance

Improper pool maintenance may lead to both injury and sickness. Unbalanced water can cause your pool to become dirty. This can turn it into a habitat for bacteria, viruses, and algae. It may also irritate swimmers’ eyes and nose.

Unbalanced water can also corrode the pool liner, tiles, handrails, and ladders. This can create rough surfaces which can injure swimmers if their skin brushes past it. The same is true for cracked tiles.

Keep up with regular pool maintenance and balance your water chemistry to avoid injuries and sickness.

Ensure Your Pool is Clean and Safe

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